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A Yoruba Culinary Experience.

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The culinary team that created Ibachi, adjudged the best Chinese Restaurant in Nigeria for Year 2022, have taken a cue from Omo ‘badan Kíní Só – a greeting coined by non-Ibadan people, playing on the peculiar Ibadan mother-tongue interference in spoken English language, and have conceived Kínísóò; a new restaurant designed to delve deeper into our own heritage, and to honour and celebrate “Àmàlà & Àbùlà”, the local Ibadan staple food comprised of Àmàlà, with the yellow and green (Gbẹ̀gìrì and Ewédú) soup accompaniment, all resplendent in a hotchpotch of assorted meats and fish.

Kínisóò’s speciality will be a hefty serving of Àmàlà paired up with a three-course melt-in-your-mouth soup tasting offering, aptly named “sóò suó.” There are three types of Àmàlà depending on the origins: Àmàlà Iṣu (Yam), Àmàlà Lafún (Cassava) and “Àmàlà Ọ̀gẹ̀dẹ̀ (unripe Plantain). Preparation involves peeling, cleaning, slicing, drying and grinding into flour called Èlùbọ́.

Kínisóò will wear a rustic minimalist traditional wooden decor, featuring colourful prints, with unique carved art adorning the walls. A world-class setting perched on the elevator accessible third-floor of Theo Tower — with commanding views of a repurposed Bodija, awaits patrons.

Kínisóò – A Yoruba Culinary Experience.

Theo Tower, 3rd Floor
One Theophilus Akinyele Way
New Bodija, Ibadan 200221
070 5555 0000

Kinisoo Menu
Kinisoo Menu