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Ibachi Marketplace is a one-stop procurement hub for quality building materials in following categories: framing & roofing wood, construction & mechanical tool sets, construction & personal protective equipment, sanitary & plumbing hardware, electrical & lighting hardware, locks & security hardware, window & doors accessories, silicone & fasteners supplies, ceramics & architectural hardware, painting supplies, flooring material, masonry & carpentry tools, kitchen & home electrical appliances and other items for renovation and construction needs.

Ibachi Marketplace is smack in the middle of Bodija plank market, which is the largest lumber marketplace in West Africa. Since we do all of our wood customization in-house, we have endless flexibility when it comes to special orders. Your custom wood products can be based on one of our existing products, or from your blueprint or hand sketch. We stock specialty ceiling and wood products such as plasterboards, polyurethane cornices, roundwood, sawnwood, plywood, MDF boards, wood-plastic composites and plastic lumber. We also carry products and laminates such as Veneer, Particle board, Laminated wood, chipboard, Fiber-board and Hardboard.

Ibachi wholesale marketplace also offers unbeatable avenues for businessmen and consumers alike to purchase materials for business and personal use. On a monthly basis we receive multiple containers of building materials from Chinese manufacturers, and Nigerian distributors of building materials — which allows us to offer you the lowest priced merchandise possible with volume tiered pricing — if you need very large quantities. You’ll find a vast selection of hardwoods and softwoods, construction implements, oddments, miscellanies, and so much more, all for a fraction of retail pricing! So if you have a project that has to stay under budget, Ibachi Building Materials Marketplace is here to serve you.


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